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    Puppets That Will Keep You Up At Night – If You Just “Think” About Them!

    Are there puppets that are “scary” enough to keep one awake?

    The answer to this question is a definite yes. There are some puppetry props out there that can knock one’s socks off from a total frightening aspect. A lot of puppetries today is very realistic and can put the fear of “fear” into many. Therefore, if you don’t like scary puppets, then you do need to avoid reading this article. Because you may think about these truly chillingly chunks of wood, and whatever other materials, as being something for real and out to get you. We all know that puppets aren’t real in reality. However, if you are afraid of them, they can become very real and put genuine terror into your heart. The best offense is a good defense. What this translates to is this. If you view them as not scary. They won’t be “scary” to you!


    What are some awesome examples of puppetry that could keep you at night? – (if you let them, that is!)

    A scary puppet prop is something that can do two things. They can make you afraid of them or you can use them to scare others. Scaring others is far more fun. Just imagine the great and eerie puppet shows you could give too. However, this isn’t about buying a scary puppet; it is about profiling some of the scariest of all puppets out there. Puppets that can make your heart race and your blood run cold. Who are some of these special puppets that can incite great fear and keep you wide awake 24/7 and 7/24? They are as follows.

    Some very famous puppets from the movies that would scare your “pants” off!

    One thing about movies is this. They do have the power of creativity and special effects about them. This is what makes them so good at using puppet props and doll props to achieve ultimate scare tactics. Here are a few of the most memorable of all leading scary things to make you want to scream aloud. However, you cannot do it too loud in the theater, as you may get screen rage from fellow film viewers.


    1. Chucky – Chucky first made his devilish and evil appearance in the 1988 film called Child’s Play. Chucky is supposed to be a beloved doll for a little boy, but he’s just the opposite, and a single mother and son see the soul of a terrible serial killer coming after them. Chucky is without a doubt the most famous of all and well-known puppets on thescreen. He is terrifying, looming, and delivers the scare!
    2. The Poltergeist Clown Doll – The Poltergeist Clown Doll is without a doubt one of the most creepiest of all clown puppetry possible. What makes this smiling clown so scary is not its smile, just its presence, and the way it is shot to look in this 1982 hit movie. The clown doll is very menacing without having to make a giant impression. Its appearance does it alone. The young boy actor who played the part of Robbie Freeling was so afraid of this doll, he began to choke due to his fear, and this tells you the fear power that the clown has the power to incite.
    3. The Tricycle Doll from Saw – This puppetry is totally creepy and terrifying in what it means a lone. The Tricycle Doll from the horror movie Saw is bad omen personified. If a person sees this doll riding by, it spells goodbye for that person, because they know they will soon be murdered in some grisly fashion. This evil iconic Jigsaw puppet can scare the life out of anyone, big or small, fearful or not fearful.
    4. Dolly From Dolly Dearest – Another very terrifying and murderous puppet/doll is no other than the infamous Dolly from the horror movie called Dolly Dearest. Dolly is a very pretty doll and often referred to as the female version of Chucky. She is every inch creepy, scary, and on the evil warpath.
    5. Billy from Dead Silence – The puppet from the horror movie called Dead Silence, which was released in 2007, is a dummy that is no dummy when it comes to being filled with murderous rage and revenge towards humankind. Billy is a puppet that is possessedby the spirit of a murderous ventriloquist who was killed tragically. Billy has very wide eyes and a scary face that makes him the ultimate in casting fear to one’s heart.

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    Are you scared yet? Afraid to go to bed, turn out the lights, or look under your bed?

    These are just some of the puppets that will keep you up at night. But only if you let them. They are every inch scary, ruthless, cunning, cold-blooded, evil, menacing, and a 100+ more dark words that won’t be elaborated on here. You get the general idea. They are the stuff that nightmares are made of. They are also the stuff that no one would ever want to encounter for real. No way Jose! At least not me!